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Local Progressive Announces Intention To Run

July 1, 2010, Northfield News

John Taylor of Williamstown has announced that he will again be running for the Orange-1 State Representative seat on the Progressive ticket.

The Orange-1 District covers the towns of Chelsea, Corinth, Orange, Vershire, Washington, and Williamstown.

Mr. Taylor will be running on the same ticket with two-term incumbent Susan Hatch Davis.

Representing Vermont as Governor

I have a 30 year long track record of being both a small business owner and a strong supporter of workers and of organized labor at the same time. Our interests are the same and we can work together, instead of being pitted against each other.

I have owned a business for 30 years, created and sustained jobs and provided a valuable service to many clients at a reasonable price. I know about the problems of small business and how our needs tend to be ignored by all levels of government.

I have also walked a picket line to support striking workers, worked for livable wage ordinances, supported the creation of a single payer health care system, supported the formation of a union at Fletcher Allen Hospital and supported their efforts to reduce the patient/staff ratio, spoken out in support of the Communications Workers of Verizon in opposing the sale to Fairpoint.

Pollina will run for Vermont Senate

June 9, 2010, Times Argus, Louis Porter

MONTPELIER – Anthony Pollina, a veteran of statewide campaigns, will run for the State Senate in Washington County and he will run in the Democratic primary, a surprise for an organizer and activist who has traded jabs with Democrats in the past as a Progressive.

"The party labels do become less important in the local races where personal contact is more important," Pollina said Tuesday, adding that he hopes to attract voters of all parties to his campaign. "Democrats have been more welcoming in their willingness to work together at the local level. There is an opportunity at the county level and local level to create that kind of unity."

Pollina ran as an Independent candidate for governor two years ago, coming in second just ahead of Democrat Gaye Symington. Perhaps more significant, given what office he will run for this year, Pollina received nearly 30 percent of the votes in Washington County, well ahead of Symington's 18 percent in the county.

Legislative contests shape up

June 9, 2010, St. Albans Messenger, Leon Thompson

ST. ALBANS –– With one week and one day until the state’s Primary Election filing deadline, a four-way contest for two local Vermont Senate seats is shaping up, meaning another announcement from a major party candidate would spark a primary race.

Meanwhile, most local House delegates are seeking re-election, with very few newcomers making bids to dethrone those incumbents.

Pollina Runs For State Senate As A Progressive And Democrat

June 8, 2010, Vermont Public Radio, Bob Kinzel

(Host) The most prominent member of Vermont's Progressive Party will run for the state Senate as a Democrat and a Progressive.

Anthony Pollina has previously run for statewide office. He says his Senate campaign should serve a model for other Progressives around the state.

VPR's Bob Kinzel reports.

(Kinzel) In 2008, Pollina ran for governor as a Progressive candidate and finished second - ahead of Democratic candidate Gaye Symington.

Pollina To Run For Washington County Senate

I am entering the Democratic Primary for Washington County State Senate and expect to run in the general election under the banners of the Democratic and Progressive Parties. To unify voters, I will also reach out to the Working Families Party, Republicans and Independents.

Folks in Washington County have a good idea of who I am and where I stand and were very supportive in 2008. They gave me more votes than Jim Douglas in several communities and I finished first or second in every town but one.

Democrats, Progressives and others are supporting me, ready to work together to win. On the local level party labels aren't as important as personal contact, and with changes coming to the Senate, Washington County needs someone who can work with people of all parties and backgrounds.

Budgets, the local economy and health care top my agenda. We need to get beyond slogans and face reality. People are struggling. And, just slashing jobs and government isn't working.

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