Election Issues

The Aggravation of Clean Elections

VPR recently ran a story saying that this year, the Democrats will be turning down Entergy campaign donations, while the Republicans will be happy to accept them. (Full Disclosure: Progressives will not be accepting Entergy money either, and don't anticipate having to send any checks back.) The Repubs defend their acceptance by saying that they don't "tell individual lawmakers how to vote." I guess they will tell them as a group.

The Dems say they won't take Entergy money because it is "not worth the aggravation factor that would result."


How about because corporations should not own our elected officials?

Third parties and primary elections

Third parties speak out publicly when the issues that matter are left off the table for discussion or left in the waste basket after discussion. Still, the American system of elections tends to work against third parties. Vermont is not immune from this. I and many others feel that there should be more options, not fewer, for voters. Last session, House Progressives thwarted an attempt to hamper democracy with fewer options, with a quick voice amendment to bill S.122 that came out of House Government Operations as a "strike all" amendment.

Progressive Thought: with Doug Hoffer

Auditor of Accounts candidate Doug Hoffer discusses economic development, livable wages, and the modern role of the Auditor's office, on Progressive Thought with host Richard Kemp.

Lt. Governor Candidate Marjorie Power On Her Candidacy

July 12, 2010, VPR, Bob Kinzel

For the first time in more than a decade, there's no incumbent running for Lt. Governor in Vermont. This situation has brought out a number of candidates seeking this office.

One of the candidates is Progressive Marjorie Power. She's had a career in public service. Marjorie served on the Montpelier City Council from 1993 to 1997. She ran for Mayor of Montpelier in 2004 and for Secretary of State in 2008.

She spoke with VPR's Bob Kinzel about her candidacy.

You can listen to the show here.

Local Progressive Announces Intention To Run

July 1, 2010, Northfield News

John Taylor of Williamstown has announced that he will again be running for the Orange-1 State Representative seat on the Progressive ticket.

The Orange-1 District covers the towns of Chelsea, Corinth, Orange, Vershire, Washington, and Williamstown.

Mr. Taylor will be running on the same ticket with two-term incumbent Susan Hatch Davis.

Representing Vermont as Governor

I have a 30 year long track record of being both a small business owner and a strong supporter of workers and of organized labor at the same time. Our interests are the same and we can work together, instead of being pitted against each other.

I have owned a business for 30 years, created and sustained jobs and provided a valuable service to many clients at a reasonable price. I know about the problems of small business and how our needs tend to be ignored by all levels of government.

I have also walked a picket line to support striking workers, worked for livable wage ordinances, supported the creation of a single payer health care system, supported the formation of a union at Fletcher Allen Hospital and supported their efforts to reduce the patient/staff ratio, spoken out in support of the Communications Workers of Verizon in opposing the sale to Fairpoint.

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