State Officeholders

In 1991, Burlington sent the first two Progressive representatives to the Vermont Statehouse. Over the last decade, Progressives have been elected from across the state, and in 2008, elected their first member to the Vermont Senate.

Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer

Doug was elected Auditor of Accounts in 2012, the first Progressive elected to statewide office. Doug has several decades of economic development and policy analysis experience, including several years working in the Auditor's office in the 90s. Since that time, he has provided policy guidance for Legislators dealing with economic development and related tax policies, the livable wage, and the benefits of greater in-state purchasing. Having Doug as Auditor means Vermonters now have a real Progressive leader watching over how and where our precious tax dollars are spent and making sure our money is working for us, not just for the big banks and the wealthy.

Senator Tim Ashe, Burlington

Formerly a Burlington City Councilor, Tim was the first Progressive to win a seat in the State Senate. First elected in 2008, he is currently Vice-Chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee and also serves on the Finance Committee. Tim provides a strong progressive voice in the Senate on issues such as housing, conservation, and fair taxation. Tim is the Project Manager at Cathedral Square, a nationally recognized non-profit developer of high quality affordable housing for seniors and people with disabilities.

Senator Anthony Pollina, Middlesex

In 2010, longtime Progressive activist Anthony Pollina became the second Progressive elected to the State Senate. Anthony has over three decades of involvement in agriculture, education, energy, and healthcare organizing in the state. He is a co-founder of Rural Vermont, former director of VPIRG, former policy advisor to Bernie Sanders, and was the Progressive candidate for Governor in 2000 and 2008. In the Senate, Anthony serves on the Committee on Health and Welfare and on the Government Operations Committee. Anthony has been a key advocate on important issues such as proper funding for autism care, buying and hiring local, and economic equality.

Senator David Zuckerman, Hinesburg

In 2012, David became the third Progressive elected to the Vermont Senate. Prior to becoming a Senator, Dave was a State Representative from Burlington for 14 years before stepping down in 2010 to move to Hinesburg and grow Full Moon Farm, an organic farm co-owned with his spouse, Rachel Nevitt. Dave has been a leader on many issues that will likely come before the Senate in the coming years. On sustainable agricultural issues, healthcare reform, labor relations, end-of-life-choice, marijuana policy, labeling of GMO foods and progressive taxation, Dave has continued to be an outspoken leader.

Representative Chris Pearson, Burlington

Chris Pearson returned in 2011 to the House seat he held from 2006-2008, representing Chittenden 3-4, a two-seat district in Burlington encompassing UVM and parts of Ward 1 and Ward 2. He has served on the Commerce and Government Operations committees, and currently sits on the Health Care Committee. Pearson was caucus leader for the 2007-08 session, and was re-elected to that post in 2011.

Representative Susan Hatch Davis, Washington

A retired State Employee and lifetime community member, Susan is committed to efficiency in government, expanding broadband internet access to rural communities and real property tax reform. Susan serves on the House Institutions committee.

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