Buy local and keep your investments in Vermont

As we watch the economy melt down around us as a result of greed and corruption on Wall Street and in Washington, it is clear that Vermonters need to return to self-sufficiency and thrift as an economic strategy.  As a state, we must stop moving in the direction of dependency on imports and exports and return to a focus on providing goods and services to markets right here in Vermont.  Local food production and processing will cut the high cost of import transportation and local energy production will stop the financial profits drain and help us to thrive economically. We have to stop throwing economic development money at big corporations (the Douglas model and that of Howard Dean before him) in hopes that they will create jobs and then not leave the state (with no accountability).  Instead we must strengthen our farms and our local, rural economy.  We can’t be an island, of course.  But we can do a lot more to trade first with our neighbors and within our communities.  Every dollar we spend in Vermont helps the local economy 7 times.  If our food is processed out of state and our raw materials (like wood) are processed out of state and our power sources are owned out of state, the profits end up out of state. I have great confidence in my neighbors and in our local communities.  I have no confidence in most of our current office holders.  If we get some bold leadership in Montpelier, that thinks local and that is willing to resist globalization, perhaps we can still insulate Vermonters from the worst of the economic disaster that is on the horizon. 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Bush and Douglas' Toxic Economic Legacies

What emerges clearly in the wake of this fall’s stock market turmoil and credit paralysis is that we are in the throes of an historic financial meltdown because Wall Street, and the politicians in their service, gambled with our future.  Families are struggling with a long-running economic squeeze, the totality of which is still unknown.  Last week, we woke up to the news that in August, we lost another 159,000 jobs – 760,000 since the beginning of the year.  That same day, it became clear that the taxpayers who took on the burden of bailing out Wall Street would not get extended unemployment benefits or a job-creating stimulus package – measures George Bush said he would veto.  Nearly 50 million are without health care.  In August alone, more than 300,000 Americans lost their homes to foreclosure.  Families are worried about putting food on the table, putting gas in the tank and being able to retire with the security that few feel these days. The burst of the housing bubble has left the financial markets sitting on trillions of dollars of essentially fictitious value. There is no rational purpose served by pretending that either those homes or the mortgages on them held by the banks, let alone the “derivatives” based on packing and re-selling them, are worth what their paper value says. A proper rescue program would begin with an immediate ban on foreclosures, followed by the government taking over and rewriting those mortgages to reflect the actual value of those properties – i.e. a 30-40% writeoff of their fictional paper values at the height of the housing bubble – and then putting a ceiling on families’ monthly payments at something like 10-12% of household income. Among other virtues, such a program would not only keep people in their homes but also, by reducing their payments, serve as a more effective economic stimulus than those one-time Treasury checks.

Hope for Homeowners, Not Bailout for Bankers

At first my opponent in this election, Congressman Peter Welch, joined a majority of Congress in voting down the $700 billion corporate bailout on Monday, September 29. Welch's vote followed an outpouring of calls opposed to bailing out the corporate crooks. A national poll showed only 7% of voters thought the government should use taxpayer funds to keep a large financial institution solvent. Welch's statement, published in the Burlington Free Press on September 30, correctly explained that under the bailout bill, "total responsibility for this crisis is transferred to the middle class." He condemned the bailout as "rewarding speculation, market manipulation, and corporate self-dealing." He properly called for making Wall Street pay for its own excesses with "a small transaction fee on security trades." But then Peter Welch caved. On October 3, Welch voted for an even more expensive corporate bailout that rewards speculators by having the government buy now worthless mortgages. But the bailout does nothing to protect homeowners in danger of losing their homes.

Irony and Hypocricy

In Sunday's Free Press article about the pro Wal-Mart rally in St. Albans, Jim Douglas is quoted as saying "It's time for the opinions of the few to stop obstructing the needs of the many". This is rich. Hey Jim, What about your opposition to meaningful health care reform? What about your opposition to a fully funded all fuels efficiency program? What about your opposition to the purchase of the Conn. River dams? What about your opposition to closing the 40% capital gains exclusion unless it protects most of your wealthy friends (i.e., lower top marginal rates, loopholes, etc.)? Yup. He's a real champion of the masses. Cheap Lorazepam Shallaki Purchase Ambien Cheap Diarex Order Purinethol Cheap Ambien Femcare Buy Bonnisan Purchase Capoten Prednisone Cheap Zyrtec Purchase Mevacor Cheap Zebeta Order Hytrin Order ZeritPurchase Diabecon Order Zyloprim Purchase Rimonabant Women's Intimacy Purchase Triphala Buy Urispas Augmentin Order Norvasc Order Clomid Eurax Buy Neurontin Cheap Cymbalta Sinequan Renalka Order Vantin Purchase Mentat Purchase Cardizem Order Avodart Order Amaryl Cheap Casodex Accutane Order Hyzaar Purchase Liv.52 Purchase Arava Purchase Flovent Buy Motrin Buy Nolvadex Cheap Brite Cheap Phentrimine Cheap Soma Buy Prograf Plavix Xeloda Hoodia Weght Atrovent Buy Maxaquin Cheap Depakote Order Nimotop Buy Hoodia Order Watson Buy Isoptin Buy Avandia Mysoline Purchase Antabuse Order Miacalcin Buy Oxytrol Purchase Speman Order Femcare Order Zantac Purchase Zyloprim Cheap Rimonabant Zyloprim Prometrium Purchase Prometrium Buy Lynoral Lipitor Buy Seroquel Seroquel Purchase Flonase Buy Brafix Order Starlix Purchase Nolvadex Order Plendil Buy Levaquin Order Fastin Cheap Zyvox Purchase Koflet Cheap AyurSlim Miacalcin Buy Tricor Buy Nizoral Depakote Purchase Prinivil Order Lamisil Order Reosto Purchase Norco Touch-Up Kit Vytorin Purchase Claritin Cheap Zantac Purchase Hydrocodone Order Codeine Buy Actos Buy Ashwagandha Cheap Elavil Superman Order Zovirax Purchase Purinethol Order Overnight Order Nolvadex Buy Superman Cheap Cephalexin Buy Nicotinell Cheap Methocarbam Buy Xeloda Cheap Himcocid Buy Meridia Order Cordarone Purchase Micardis Purchase CLA Purchase Diarex Purchase Bactroban Buy Keftab Purchase Vytorin Buy Carisoprodol Order Tenormin Order Hoodia Order Loxitane Cheap Clomid Buy Zantac Micardis Zyban Acticin Buy Zanaflex Purchase Accupril Buy Micardis Order Synalar Cheap Geriforte Order Zyban Adipex Cheap Prograf Order Xeloda Shoot Ismo Order Avandamet Buy Avodart Buy Azulfidine Cheap Rogaine Cheap Arimidex Levitra Cheap Superman Order Styplon Order Himcocid Purchase Altace Cheap Abana Ventolin Order Soma Order Procardia Order Snoroff Tentex Royal Buy Lorazepam Cheap Herbolax Acomplia Order Lincocin Levaquin Order Famvir Cheap Lamisil Order Diabecon Lotensin Rogaine Purchase Carisoprodol Cheap Protonix Purchase Renalka Penis Growth Order Rogaine Purchase Leukeran Order Mexitil Cheap Karela Buy StretchNil Purchase Plan Cheap Koflet Order Diethylpropion Purchase Didrex Order Ionamin Purchase Vicodin Order Lexapro Buy Cardura Buy Buspar Buspar Buy Flexeril Purchase Viramune Buy Zyvox Purchase Naprosyn Order Proscar Glucophage Buy Capoten Purchase Lasuna Order Zyrtec Confido Cheap Alprazolam Buy Drug Xenacore Inderal Order Zocor Order Viramune Cheap Levaquin Buy Tablet Tramadol Purchase Elavil Purchase Propecia Cheap Zyban Purchase Depakote Buy Codeine Cheap Cardizem Cheap Zetia Paxil Purchase Accutane Purchase Paxil Cheap Aceon Cheap Aleve Order Zyvox Buy Deltasone Cheap Darvocet Vasotec Purchase Keftab Cheap Atarax Order Lorazepam Buy Zelnorm Cheap Quibron-T Purchase Motrin Cheap Cytotec Order Kytril Didrex Buy Prednisone Glucotrol XL Male Enhancement Order Lopressor Order Seroquel Order Ephedrine Purchase Himcocid Cheap Maxaquin Cheap Deltasone Clarinex Buy Lotensin Order Karela Purchase Fioricet Prilosec Cheap Confido Purchase Desyrel SleepWell (Herbal Buy Cephalexin Cheap Geodon Purchase Sorbitrate Order Zithromax Purchase Cymbalta Purchase Loprox Buy Zovirax Elavil Buy Koflet Buy Bupropion Order Kamagra Cheap Keftab Cheap Celebrex Order Urispas Cheap Zyloprim Order Aricept Cheap Trimox Buy Zithromax Cheap Hydrocodone Hytrin Cheap Actos Order Casodex Buy Diflucan Order Ophthacare Buy Speman Purchase Geodon Cyklokapron Buy Zyloprim Cheap Effexor Himcolin Ephedrine Cheap Xanax Order Sarafem Order Clarinex Buy Abana Purchase Emsam Buy Lexapro Cheap Acyclovir Prograf Order Rimonabant Buy Viramune Meridia Buy Proscar Purchase Hytrin Nimotop Cheap Pletal Cheap Celexa Order Levitra Order Capoten Cheap Copegus Cheap Rumalaya Purchase Prilosec Cheap Zovirax Herbal Phentermine Valium

The Douglas Signing Statement

We've all heard about how President Bush uses a "signing statement" to nullify his approval of certain bills passed by Congress. Rather than veto a bill he dislikes, Bush just writes a letter saying essentially "I don't intend to follow this new law." What is less well known is that our current Vermont governor does the same thing. Every year legislators return to the Statehouse in January to discover that laws we labored over carefully have simply been ignored by the administration. The excuses vary. Sometimes they tell us that we haven’t given them enough money to do the job (even though in formal testimony, they had insisted that the law would not require any additional appropriation). Other times they claim that we must have been confused and could not have meant what we said. We encountered this practice last spring as we inquired about the Governor’s infamous 400 cuts to state jobs. Asked the methodology for choosing which positions to eliminate, one agency head told us that they began with positions that had been created by recent legislation, but not yet filled. In other words, prior decisions to set up special desks to handle unmet needs were summarily reversed. Most recently, the Corrections Oversight Committee learned that the administration had chosen to ignore a significant element of the Justice Reinvestment bill passed in May. Act 179 was the culmination of years of work, first by a task force involving all three branches of state government (legislature, administration and judiciary) and then months of work by several committees and working groups in both the House and Senate (again working hand-in-hand with both the administration and the judiciary). The best-known element of Act 179 is the plan to close the Dale prison in Waterbury, move all women inmates to St. Albans, and reopen the Windsor prison as a therapeutic work camp for men. But the act has an equally important and more modest section providing that the capacity of community services be beefed up and paid for with savings known to be available from the offset in unneeded incarceration. That section expressly called for implementation beginning July 1, 2008, but the administration just refused to do it. After a major confrontation with the Corrections Oversight Committee, the administration has reluctantly agreed to move forward and implement this section of the law. Sadly, we have already lost a quarter of the fiscal year so the legislative purpose has already been undermined. As Governor Douglas travels around the state snipping ribbons and making points by his recall of everyone’s name, his finance people are quietly gutting the good policy decisions made by the legislature and formally approved by the Governor. 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Privatizing water

T. Boone Pickens has been airing some interesting ads lately. I was kind of impressed by them until I read a column in, of all places, USA TODAY (Sept. 17, 2008). The author, Julene Bair, notes that this Texas billionaire, who made much of his fortune trafficking in fossil fuels, will now cash in on natural gas (a commodity he is heavily invested in) and wind energy generated on his 200,000 acre wind farm. More alarmingly, she reports that he intends to market “fossil water—finite supplies of water dating to prehistoric times”. The Ogallala Aquifer, running from North Texas to South Dakota, is the largest such supply on our continent. Pickens has gained such powerful control over the Texas legislature, according to Bair, that he has gotten “his people” in charge of the local water board and can legally force landowners to sell him rights to a strip of land he can then use to transport water taken from the aquifer, 65 billion gallons a year if he gets his way. Additionally, the author notes that Plains farmers are now pumping 6.2 trillion gallons a year to irrigate field corn and other “thirsty” crops to sell for ethanol production, when crops such as winter wheat could be grown in this area without irrigation. The world’s population is increasing, global warming-- with likely droughts--is upon us and we are subsidizing farmers to waste water to grow a food crop that we then burn for fuel? This sounds like another example of failure to regulate and greed run rampant. As the author concludes, “We must recognize our planetary limits and harmful environmental practices. 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